Neicha Serene Clear Glue

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Neicha Serene Clear Glue

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Neicha Serene Clear Glue

Neicha Serene Clear Glue is a perfect eyelash extensions adhesive for applying color and ombre lashes as it does not leave any black spots on extensions. The Serene clear glue is one of the best all round clear glues on the market with a quick drying time, relatively low fumes and great retention period.

The viscosity of this eyelash adhesive is extra liquid, hence the product rarely becomes gloopy and is easy to get out of the bottle. As with all the adhesives at our store, we always recommend washing your lashes with a shampoo beforehand and using lash primer before the application. Following this technique will prolong the bonding time of your clients extensions.

Product Features

  • Colour – Clear (Transparent)
  • Viscosity – Extra Liquid
  • Fumes – Moderate
  • Drying Time – 1.5 Seconds
  • Bonding Period – Up to 5 Weeks
  • Size – 5g

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