Neicha Cream Glue Remover 15g

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Neicha Cream Glue Remover

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Neicha Cream Glue Remover

Neicha Cream Glue Remover has been designed to facilitate quick and safe eyelash extension removal. Its extra creamy texture makes it safe to remove the lashes even for clients with sensitive eyes. To get the best of your cream remover place a tissue or flat piece of cotton between the lashes and let the client close eyes. Wet the eyeliner brush with cream remover. Stroke the solution over the adhesive on eyelashes. Wait a few minutes while adhesive dissolves. Lashes should come free. Use micro brushes for an easier use of this product. We recommend using this product only for professional technicians. Deigned specifically for eyelash extensions.

Neicha Cream Glue Remover Characteristics
  • Type – Cream Remover
  • Net Weight – 5g/15g
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