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Glue Balm Iconsign Lamination

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ICONSIGN Lash Lift Glue Blam 10 Seconds Fast Fixing Eyelashes and Eyeborws Shape.

A novel paste shaped adhesive :The botanical formula is mild, not irritating, and does not hurt eyelashes

1. Mild ingredients.

Formulated with a variety of mild ingredients to moisturize eyelashes

2. Quick drying and setting.

10s quick drying, effectively shorten the operation time

3. No need to touch water.

Paste shape setting adhesive can be used without water

4. Dual use for eyelashes and eyebrows

Eyelash shaping;Eyebrow shaping

5. Multiple moisturizing and nourishing ingredients care

Sphingomonas :Anti-allergic; Sodium hyaluronate :Moisturize and nourish; Magnolia Flower Extract: Efficient moisturizing; Nicotinamide: Repair eyelash follicles

Product Information

Product Name: Charming Lash Lift Glue Blam


Specifications: 8g

Applicable: all people

Product features: Mild ingredients, no need to get wet, good adhesion, no edge warping

How To use

Step 1 :Cleanses oil and dust around the eye area

Step 2 :Apply glue to the lifting pad and secure it to the eyelid

Step 3 :Use the Y brush to secure the lashes to the lifting pad,and comb eyelashes neatly

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