Brazilian Volume YY – 16 Row


Brazilian Volume YY – 16 Row


Our Original YY Lashes are the latest addition to our lash collection. These lashes are easy to apply, just like classic lashes, they provide a dramatic volume effect.

YY lashes offer speedy volume service, but they are also just as quick to apply as classic lash extensions, making them a favorite among lash artists. Furthermore, they come in a tray with numerous lashes, similar to individual lash extensions, making them a cost-effective and high-profit margin service.

The YY lash is the perfect hybrid between classic and volume lashes, have a pre-made fan effect. They are applied similarly to classic lashes but deliver a fuller, softer, and fluffier effect similar to volume lashes.

YY Lashes also offer great retention thanks to their straight base, which provides superior contact area for improved adhesion.

YY Lashes are available in C/D/DD curls, 0.07 and 0.05 thickness, in 8-15 mm, 16 rows mix boxes.




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